About Us

We are digital transformation experts focused on retail and commerce who enable technology to solve the business problems of retail clients and add value to the businesses.

Our Story

AyataCommerce was founded by Shine Mathew in 2016. It was formed based on his experience working with well-known retail brands across the globe with a simple concept in mind, making people’s lives easier. This applies to our customers, employees and partners; our ecommerce implementations always have convenience in mind, and our ‘remote first’ culture greatly eases the impact of work on our employees’ lives.

Even though we started as ecommerce solution implementers, after a few project engagements with initial clients we became their trusted advisors. We believe this is a result of our key focus, customer success, when required we will always go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. Our long-term strategy has and always will be based upon people, the problem we are solving will change, the technology we use will change but if we are surrounded by good people who have the right attitude and approach clients focused upon their success we can continue to grow as a business.

Our Values


We are curious and possess a desire to know and understand others

Having a worldwide team which offers a variety of mindsets, personalities and viewpoints, alongside having an empathy driven culture helps us understand each other better, work together cohesively and deliver remarkable results. Empathy is the ability to understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view and imagine yourself in their place. Furthermore, it’s the ability to not only understand another person’s response but also anticipate it.

Empathy helps us to focus on active listening instead of thinking about what we’ll say next. When we embrace diversity, inclusion and equality then infuse it with empathy and care our team excels.



We are authentic, proactive, reliable and available

We build and retain trust with our customers, our employees and our partners through positive and honest relationships, expertise, and consistency. We respect multiple dimensions of trust simultaneously. We value long term relationships and honour our commitments. We are authentic, proactive, reliable and available.

We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism. We believe that trust is earned and is an ongoing exchange between people. Transparency is imperative to us as highly informed people are more efficient and valuable. We never over promise nor under deliver. We cultivate this trust by encouraging our employees to take well-thought-out risks.


We tune in, interpret and act

As we Live in an era of unpredictability, organisations need to constantly adapt  to thrive. Adaptability for us is the ability to tune in to and read the signals of change and the flexibility to quickly act upon it. Due to our flexibility, we experiment quickly, and can deftly manage complex systems with ease.

It enables us to challenge the status quo and adjust to new conditions easily. We believe that identifying and addressing uncertainties’ early and examining multiple alternatives is possible only through organisational flexibility. We are open to innovative ideas, continuously learning and improving all aspects of business. We are always looking for simpler, more efficient ways to work.

Like all great organisations, we value sustainability, green, respect, care, independence, integrity, diversity, inclusion, equality, simplicity, openness, collaboration, accountability, focus, diligence, passion, curiosity, innovation and excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our customers and help them realise their aspirations. We focus on providing structure for our client and a framework which allows us to truly understand the core issue that we are solving. We look to build measure and learn.

  • At its heart, our mission is to build, measure and learn, both internally and externally throughout the entire journey
  • We support our customers and help them realise their aspirations
  • Work with our customers to understand their points of contention
  • Providing you with structure and flexibility which allows us to work with you more closely and understand the issue more deeply
  • Allow you to determine success and pivot when necessary
  • Deliver on our promises and ensure that you are successful