About Us

AyataCommerce is a digital commerce solutions agency that delivers world class digital services and value to your business.

Our story

AyataCommerce was founded by Shine Mathew in 2016. It was formed based on his experience working with well-known retail brands across the globe with a simple concept in mind, making people’s lives easier. This applies to our customers, employees and partners; our ecommerce implementations always have convenience in mind, and our ‘remote first’ culture greatly eases the impact of work on our employees’ lives.

Even though we started as ecommerce solution implementers, after a few project engagements with initial clients we became their trusted advisors. We believe this is a result of our key focus, customer success, when required we will always go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. Our long-term strategy has and always will be based upon people, the problem we are solving will change, the technology we use will change but if we are surrounded by good people who have the right attitude and approach clients focused upon their success we can continue to grow as a business.

Our values

Here at Ayata, like all great companies, we strive to hire the best; we value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. Our core philosophy is people over process, and this comes through in the quality of our work which is produced by highly effective people who share information openly and are capable of independent decision making.

We view feedback as contiguous with trust and communication within Ayata, as such we celebrate candid people and focus on the development of professional relationships with trust at the forefront of every interaction.


We prize curiosity both in our company and in others, you should never feel like you cannot ask a question as alternate perspectives are always valuable.


The best work comes from passionate people. We look for people who care intensely about our team and Ayata’s success.


Nothing is perfect, we are always searching for better ways of doing things and more efficient frameworks.

Our mission

Our mission is to support our customers and help them realise their aspirations. We focus on providing structure for our client and a framework which allows us to truly understand the core issue that we are solving. We look to build measure and learn.

  • At its heart, our mission is to build, measure and learn, both internally and externally throughout the entire journey
  • We support our customers and help them realise their aspirations
  • Work with our customers to understand their points of contention
  • Providing you with structure and flexibility which allows us to work with you more closely and understand the issue more deeply
  • Allow you to determine success and pivot when necessary
  • Deliver on our promises and ensure that you are successful