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There are a range of challenges that can hinder a business from realising their vision and delivering on their goals for their customers. We believe that truly understanding the root of the problem is the only way to consider the solution. Our structured approach and depth of experience will help you develop a strategy to solve any issue your business has.


A purchase involves so much more than adding to your cart and payment. Sourcing product, merchandising, stock inventory, location of stock, options for delivery. Single view of product, customer and order are all vital to the engagement.


Engagement is more than just understanding customers, it is interacting through their preferred channels and creating a seamless experience across devices, providing a smooth easy interaction while reflecting continuity of content and information across all platforms.


Transaction builds on the initial and ongoing engagement you have with your customer. Do you have all the necessary information for the consumer? Transacting should be easy, understanding your product and your consumer is vital to the conversation process.

Our approach

At Ayata we build on your ideas, and we do it by focusing on two core principles, understanding and empathy. The Ayata Digital Domain Framework (DDF); We seek to genuinely understand and empathise with our clients in order to understand exactly what it is they are trying to do and the problems they are trying to rectify, additionally our depth of experience enables us to identify patterns crucial to business success.

This approach allows us an unparalleled clarity of purpose in the systems we build for our clients and the partnerships we cultivate with them, as a result we excel in tailoring our interactions with each individual client based upon their preferences and needs, we know what retail does, we just need to know you.

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Trust is vital to the success of any team and guides every interaction we have with our customers and our employees. We operate transparently, as highly informed employees and partners are more efficient and valuable.


An empathetic approach allows you to understand the perspective of others. It helps with effective communication and building relationships with clients, colleagues and customers.


We believe that simplicity leads to success, a simple yet functional approach is often best, it allows you to create clear goals, focus on your actions, and get more done.

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