We provide a variety of ecommerce services to our customers, ranging from inventory management, customer experience, and digital solution maturity evaluation. Digital Transformation consulting alongside driving a ‘single view of’ strategy is one of our specialities.

Why work with us

Ayata understands the digital landscape. We also understand that digital commerce is large, varied and very complex, so we break it up into strategic manageable components based upon your business’s current set of challenges. Using our fully adaptable frameworks for either a small organisation or large enterprise with established legacy systems we place your business in a situation where you can map your future state with time to value, market and revenue all in mind.

We can help you measure key data drivers that guide which elements of a composable approach you want to implement, either independently or in parallel to one another and ensure that throughout this process you develop what is important to your business. All of this is done with one goal in mind, ensuring that your organisation adopts the future in a seamless, integrated way.


Ayata offers a comprehensive range of services thoughtfully created to help drive a digital first strategy.  Our Build, Measure, Learn approach can help you throughout the commerce lifecycle, from research to concept, concept to live & finally optimisation of your entire system.

We also offer Digital Transformation consulting based on our extensive digital domain framework and experienced team leaders.


We are experts in delivery! From themed storefront to empowered headless, we have extensive domain experience powered by our Digital Domain Framework.  We are Agile, built on Flexibility, Transparency &  most important Empathy.

Customer experience

Our team of eCommerce consultants work with you to create experiences that are intuitive by working to understand the shopping experience your customers are expecting. Purpose and signals are what drive a cohesive interaction.

Managed services

Going ‘Live’ is only the beginning.  We can help drive the day-2-day with services from monitoring to ideation, testing & prioritisation to align with your business goals. Comprehensively delivered with extraordinary technology as the toolset.