Job at Ayata

Why AyataCommerce

Work from Anywhere

Our hybrid workplace allows you to choose where you work

Work-Life Balance

Get rid of commuting and live a well-balanced life 

Health and Happiness

A job at Ayata lets you plan the day to suit both your work and personal life. 

Perks and Benefits

Employee-centric and empathetic with an industry-leading leave policy  

Flexible Hours of Work

Work in flexible hours without compromising your current routine

Best Salary and Packages

Best in the industry for potential candidates

What we look for


We prize curiosity both in our company and in others, you should never feel like you cannot ask a question as alternate perspectives are always valuable.



The best work comes from passionate people. We look for people who care intensely about our team and Ayata’s success.


Nothing is perfect, we are always searching for better ways of doing things at Ayata and more efficient frameworks.

Job at Ayata

What our people say

“Ayata believes in its people and it truly cares for us. The policies that are tailored with empathy and compassion can compete with any people-centric organization. Be it flexible timings and vacations or a multitude of learning opportunities – we’ve got them all covered by our org!”

Sreejith P S Senior Software Engineer

“The HR and IT team provided me with the smoothest experience from my first interview to the onboarding. Since I joined AyataCommerce, I have been given countless opportunities to challenge myself and I succeeded with the help of extensive trainings and support received from the company.” 

Arkadeb Sinha Senior Software Engineer

As there is no wasted hours commuting to office or working time lost travelling to client locations, we are able to provide better value and productivity to our clients. The Agile environment works well with team members across the world.  

Geoffery Balfre Business Analyst

“AyataCommerce is a place where you find optimum work-life balance without compromising on the quality of delivery. E-commerce is a cut-throat competition, yet Ayata trusts us to complete our tasks and have our own individual working style! “

Namrita Gupta Ecommerce Manager

“There has always been a sense of comradeship in Ayata – connect, talk, and discuss as much as you can, because AyataCommerce values open communication and inclusion at every level. The people here are great at doing things together, overcoming challenges, and genuinely caring for each other. Ayata offers an ecosystem to grow and nourish.” 


Robin Roy Senior Quality Engineer

Be a Part of the Dream Team

Job at Ayata

There is nothing else like a team that is ambitious, driven and passionate about what they are doing.
We invite you to join Ayata’s dream team and take your career to new prospects!

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