Alfred's Brewery



Alfred’s Brewery is a specialist brewery located in Winchester which previously engaged purely in B2B transactions as it supplied multiple pubs in the local area. With the emergence of Covid and the closure of all pubs they went from regular weekly transactions to a complete transactional standstill, the Brewery needed a new channel through which they could utilize B2C sales so the business could remain operational. As we have extensive experience from implementing both large and medium scale digital and technology integration projects we completed this project in a relatively short period of time. 

Building this channel for Alfred’s Brewery benefitted them greatly, they were able to increase profits substantially as the margins from B2C are more generous than those of B2B. Initially the sales were primarily to locals but they have been able to expand their customer base and establish better online brand awareness leading to further development of business profit margins.


The primary challenge was taking a customer who was doing zero sales in the current climate and making them successful, this was done by building a website for commerce transaction which enabled them to sell to consumers directly through click and collect. 

In this project we had to bring the business thinking that drove the propositions and processes. These underpin all successful business change, and in turn drive the requirements for the system delivery.


  • To build a new business channel for the customer through which their business can grow.
  • Ensure commerce transaction functionality for B2C and secure future ready flexibility. 
  • Provide a click and collect option for purchases. 
  • Increase business profit margins 
  • Keep the process and the resulting website simple while being easy to use
  • Bring about a business transformation which is structured to handle a Covid environment 

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